iheadbones Bluetooth open ear headphones – your earbud replacement – in stock with free shipping

iheadbones are the safe ear bud alternative that does not cover your ears. In 2010, Tom Buroojy invented and introduced the first stereo bone conduction headset. Initially made to enhance music listening on devices like Apple’s iPod®, iheadbones have naturally evolved into an ear bud and traditional headphone alternative with an impact and uses way beyond Tom’s original groundbreaking vision.

iheadbones series G18 and 501 Bluetooth reinvents open ear headphones and can be used with virtually any Bluetooth enabled device for multiple uses. It’s built-in microphone allows you to make and answer calls, listen to GPS instructions and much more – all hands free via wireless Bluetooth. iheadbones transmit sound via bone conduction, so you wear them on your cheek bone, not over your ears! Enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, audio books or radio station, use them with any gaming system, Bluetooth compatible television, iPod, Apple Watch, smart phone, laptop, computer, MP3 player, car stereo or any other Bluetooth compatible electronic device — and still hear what is going on around you. Find out about iheadbones’ multiple uses and compatibility.

Our magnet free wired Series 201 is suitable for people who cannot wear traditional headphones that use magnets and due to it’s exceptionally thin design, iheadbones are perfect for wearing under a hat, helmet, hardhat, etc.

With iheadbones Bluetooth or Wired magnet free headsets, you are safely tuned in

Our open ear latex free headphones offer rich stereo sound, and deliver solid high and low tones with minimal “sound leakage”. iheadbones boast a state-of-the-art clean design, an easy Bluetooth or magnet free wired connection, easy instructions and convenient travel pouch. Solid stereo sound is transmitted directly to your inner ear, leaving your ears unobstructed and uncovered. With iheadbones you are able to hear the world around you — friends, family, coworkers, traffic, and still control and enjoy the backdrop soundtrack you want.

  • Safely listen to audio and participate in sports, your job, gaming and other activities
  • Enjoy music, audio books or podcasts, be a mega gamer, hear GPS instructions, use with your Apple Watch®, iPhone® or other smart phone, iPod®, MP3 player, radio, car stereo and virtually all other electronic devices. See compatibility
  • Bone conduction listening prevents hearing loss associated with the use of traditional headphones or ear buds
  • Listen to audio while you wear your hearing aid
  • Watch and listen to television without annoying the rest of the house
  • Keep the phone away from your head – Warning on Cell Phones
  • iheadbones: Cyclist Series 949 Bluetooth, Series F3 and 501 Bluetooth, Series 201 wired and magnet free

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