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What is the importance
of an open ear?

Bone conduction sound is a safe and effective process that allows you to hear sounds clearly, without covering your ears, allowing you to still hear what is happening around you. iheadbones rest on your temples, not over your ears, so your ears remain open to take in the sounds around you, keeping you safe and connected. Who uses iheadbones? People who don’t want to wear ear buds  – cyclists, runners and walkers, skiers and snowboarders, teens, gamers, commuters, professionals, workers that need to be OSHA compliant, and people that cannot have magnets near their head. People who want to tune into the audio they want, yet be safe and aware of their surroundings

How Bone
Conduction Works

Magnet Free Headphones

Bone conduction headphones receive sound waves

Magnet Free Headphones

Bone conduction headphones convert sound waves to vibrations.

Magnet Free Headphones

Vibrations conducted through head bones

Magnet Free Headphones

Vibrations received by inner ear (cochlea)

Magnet Free Headphones

Cochlea sends vibrations to brain via the auditory nerve

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Success Stories

“Changed My Son’s Life! My son has a VP programmable shunt for hydrocephalus, alongside his many conditions due to spina bifida myelomeningocele. He has been sad to not be able to use headphones at home or school like everyone else. He received his pair of these in the mail today after I came across this website on Google. He was SO EXCITED!! He is 5 and so happy to have his own headphones without magnets! Thank you so much!”

Nicole Taft - Florida

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