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… “If you’re listening to podcasts, speeches, talk radio, etc. I feel that the main point of the iheadbones is for those people who would like to listen to their podcasts, etc. while still being able to tune into their surroundings. Examples include office workers, walkers, students, and even people at home with kids.” Khalid J Hosein, Gizmos for Geeks

… “Non-magnetic alternative to a standard headset. May be a valuable tool for individuals with shunts and those users that need acoustic shielding without blocking out all ambient noise for safety.” iheadbones earbud alternative are safe headphones – your earbud replacementPosted  by NCATP

… “Still, there really are some safer alternatives when it comes to kids’ headphones and sound products. Consider this; one in five kids will have some degree of noise induced hearing loss by the time they are teens.  MP3 players, loud video games, and other noisy entertainments are all culprits. Delicate ear structures conduct sound, of course, but hard, sturdy bone also does a great job. Luckily, the best bone in your body, your skull, is handy! These high tech headphones bypass the ear canal entirely without affecting sound quality.  iheadbones is compatible with all devices that have an audio jack. If you order online, use the event code “DOUGLAS” for free shipping.” Parenting PhD Douglas County Parenting Coalition

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by TC on iheadbones
Childrens Magnet Free Headphones
City and State: Texas

Thank you iHeadbones crew for getting our HB set up with a non magnetic headphone for his VP Shunt! Now he can work on his tablet and travel without worrying about medical issues with his shunt! My wife did an awesome job sourcing these. They were made from one company, sent to iHeadbones for refitting and then came to us!

by Marsha on iheadbones
City and State: Monessen PA

I have had 15 brain/spine surgeries over the past couple of years and most of those were for failing shunts for intracranial hypertension. The shunts would only last 2-3 months before they’d fail (only one or two disconnected or were legit clogged). So we finally figured out that I was allergic to the shunt material. I had the two shunts that I was allergic to removed in October and one replaced with hypoallergenic material. It kept changing settings but nobody seemed concerned. Well, once the swelling in my brain went down, it was obvious that I needed a second one. So we added a second hypoallergenic shunt in March. I work online teaching English as a second language. I had been using these Logitech headphone/microphones for the solid two years that I’ve been teaching and also through most of the shunt surgeries! I kept telling my doctors that my settings were changing.... they would flip back and forth. It became obvious when the second hypoallergenic shunt was placed that this was happening specifically when I was working and using the Logitech headphone/microphones! I asked fellow teachers if there were any options for magnet free headsets since magnets can change the programmable shunt settings. My Neurosurgeon said that there was no way since they were a strong enough magnet... however, three nights in a row, I could hear the settings change when I would start teaching. And then if I left for a break and came back, I’d hear them change again (sounds like a suction in your brain.... it’s funky). So anyways, a teacher recommended iheadbones and I looked into it and sure enough they have 3 magnet free headphone sets! A friend bought them for me because she doesn’t want to see me suffering anymore and I am so grateful. Throughout the process of deciding what to buy and needing questions answered, customer service with iheadbones has been absolutely AMAZING! I have to say that I have never received such great customer service in my life, especially for an online only company and even more, through email (rather than voice calls). They made the process so so so easy! I am waiting on a microphone before I really get to use these but I am excited! I decided on the yellow since those will go with pretty much any color I need to wear for work! They are soft and comfortable too! I would 100% recommend iheadbones to anyone with programmable shunts or devices close to the head (I’ve heard pacemakers can have similar issues). The one thing that I hope iheadbones does add as a feature is a microphone... an all in one package deal! I’m totally looking forward to using these and not suffering the consequences of doing a job that I love. It was coming down to picking suffering with my health and not being able to see or speak clearly because of too much fluid in my brain from the shunt settings changing or just quitting my job. Now I don’t need to make that decision! Thank you iheadbones for being so kind to me and answering all of my questions! I will be telling everyone about these products and I suspect that I’ll be investing in all three of the headphones in the near future (for different reasons/purposes). Now, we need more color options! Haha!! Thank you!!

by HarryMac on iheadbones
Performance beyond expectations
City and State: Landenberg, PA

I had the iheadbones F3 out for a long, 4hr bike ride yesterday and it worked flawlessly. It connected immediately to my bike GPS. I heard all the turn-by-turn directions loudly and clearly over all the traffic noise. Actually, I had to turn the volume down a bit! The quality of the audio was quite good, which I did not expect from a bone conducting device. I also remained aware of all the sounds around me and could effortlessly carry on a conversation with my biking buddy. Initially, I was concerned that wearing my biking glasses with the F3 over the ears would be a concern, but both fit comfortably. The F3 really performed better than expected and I recommend it highly without hesitation.

by Anthony on iheadbones
F3 Iheadbones
City and State: NYC

I use these for riding, running and gym workouts and they are awesome. Lightweight paired with my phone very easily and sound quality is excellent. I highly recommend them for any activity as you don’t have to worry about an ear bud falling out as you do with other headphones whilst still being able hear what is going on around you.

by Karen B on iheadbones
Love them for running
City and State: Jersey City NJ

Use them for running, easily pair to my phone, lightweight and I feel safe being able to hear things around me

by Al P on iheadbones
No Wires
City and State: NJ

Been using for over a year - works great and no wires

by Kevin B on iheadbones
Use them at Work
City and State: New Hampshire

I love the Series 501 Bluetooth headset and use it everyday at work

by Rene P on iheadbones
Use them at work
City and State: Nebraska

I love your product. I use it everyday at work.

by Al D on iheadbones
Biking and Skiing
City and State: Maryland

I bought a wired headset for myself and Cyclist headsets for my sons which they love. They are using them for biking and skiing.

by Lauren W on iheadbones
Use them for skiing
City and State: NYC

I'm using it under my ski helmet in Park City. I'm not shouting on the chairlift when I talk to friends as I do when I have earbuds in, nor is my music annoying everyone as it does when I use the helmet speakers. Easy to take a phone call, easy to connect, and no wires.

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