Instructions for iheadbones Bluetooth – ihb Cyclist Series 949

Music, Phone Calls, and a Safety Light

Instructional Video on YouTube

How to wear iheadbones Bluetooth ihb Cyclist Series 949


Attach the rubber light holder on the back of your helmet with the included strap. Fasten the acoustic devices to the helmet straps and slide into best position on your cheekbone. The acoustic device should be worn in front of the ear on the cheekbone not covering the ear.

Charging your headset

  • Though your headset will arrive partially charged it is advised to fully charge before use.
  • Headset is charged through USB port (5) with USB cable enclosed and can be connected to any USB port for charging.
  • When charging LED (6) will be Red – when charging is complete LED (6) will turn Red
  • Full charge will take approx 2 hours
  • Do not use headset while charging

How to connect to Bluetooth device

  • Press and Hold the Power Button
  • Headset will say:
    • Power On
    • Ready to Pair
    • Battery Status
    • Stop Pressing Button at this Point
  • Blue LED on headset will flash quickly while connecting
  • Find the Bluetooth Connect screen on your device
  • Connect to Cyclist-HS by tapping once it is found

  • It will say “Connected” when the Bluetooth is connected to your device.
  • Immediately go to the Cyclist App – Tap Search
  • Cyclist-HR will appear and Tap to Connect
  • Range for Bluetooth is 10 Meters – 33 Feet
  • If headset does not connect turn headset off and on and it will try to connect again

How to Use

  1. Volume Down / Next Track
  2. Volume Up / Previous Track
  3. Power Button
  4. Multi-Function Button
  5. Micro USB Charging Port
  6. Charging Indicator LED
  7. Flashing Light

Using button controls

  • Play / Pause – Press Multi-Function Button once
  • Answer a Call – Press Multi-Function Button or Nod Head Up and Down
  • End or Refuse a Call – Long Press of Multi-Function Button or Shake Head from Side to Side
  • Redial Last Number – Double Click Multi-Function Button
  • Increase / Decrease Volume – Press “>>” Button or Press “<<” Button
  • Previous Track / Next Track – Press and Hold “>>” Button or “<<” Button
  • Change Language – Press and Hold “>>” and “<<” at the same time and cycle through options

Download Cyclist Headset App

  • Available for iPhone or Android
  • App will pair to Cyclist-HR
  • Create Account
    • Username and Password
    • Contact Information
    • Avatar Picture
  • App Features
    • Heart Rate – Music – Profile


  • Light Control
    • Open: Solid Red Light
    • Glint: Consistent on / off flashing
    • Off: Flash every 5 seconds
  • Heart Rate Interval
    • Set music selection to Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Receiver
    • On / Off
  • Nod to Accept
    • Nod and Shake head to control phone call connections
  • Track Record
    • Keep record of ride


Play Time Approx 8 Hours
Charging Time Approx 2 hours
Standby Time Approx 10 days
Effective Range 10 meters / 33 feet
Bluetooth Version 4.1 + EDR
Weight 3.2 ounces