Background information on iheadbones headsets

iheadbones was formed in June 2006 with the initial purpose of bringing bone conduction to the consumer marketplace for personal and recreational use. In coordination with a leading Japanese materials manufacturer, iheadbones has developed their first product that allowed users to listen to their music or podcasts or anything coming from a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, without covering or blocking their ears. Using a custom designed amplifier and ceramic acoustic devices weighing less than 1/8th of an once each, the user can comfortably enjoy quality stereo sound and superior volume. Additionally, there is no “sound leakage” and ears remain uncovered, which provides comfort and allows communication with others. Perhaps even more importantly, is the increase in safety – by leaving the ears uncovered, wearers can be alerted to their surroundings.

The ability to conduct sound through the bones (bone conduction) was first introduced over 60 years ago for use by the hearing impaired. The sound wave from the bone conduction device is safely “heard” by the inner ear without traveling through the ear canal or ear drum. The founder of iheadbones felt there would be many far–reaching consumer applications for bone conduction if the quality of sound and an acceptable volume could be offered at a competitive price point. That is how iheadbones began.

iheadbones President and CEO Tom Buroojy has 30+ years of experience in various aspects of the electronic component industry. As of December 2014, iheadbones has released its Series 201 and 501 headsets, and as of August 2017 we have released the Cyclist Headset specific for use on a Bicycle Helmet. As of Dec 2019 we have released the newest and lightest Bluetooth product, the F3, which is available in Gray, Green and Pink. We expect further developments and releases of the product as it evolves into solutions specific to different markets.

If you would like to review iheadbones products, interview Tom Buroojy, find out more about bone conduction or our iheadbones products please contact iheadbones or call 888-866-0807.