iheadbones wired magnet free stereo headphones

iheadbones Series 201 is the original iheadbones bone conduction headset – wired and magnet free. Our bone conduction headsets provide an exciting new way to enjoy your music, hear your GPS instructions, take phone calls, be a mega gamer, stay safe on the job site, use your smart phone or Garmin or Apple Watch functions while still staying tuned in to the world around you. Find out more about iheadbones.

Our sound and construction is unique – it’s that simple. iheadbones wired, non magnetic headphones use magnet free amplified speakers. Some iheadbones customers, due to a medical condition or medical procedure, have found our magnet free headphones to be a good fit for them. The magnet free acoustic devices are attached to a medium density EVA foam that sits on the check bone which means they are also LATEX FREE. The Series 600 Over the Ear Headphones do not use bone conduction so the acoustic devices do not sit on the cheek bone. To see if they are a good choice for you, see our iheadbones (201 and 600 Series) product specifications below.

iheadbones Series 201 were designed to leave both ears uncovered. You don’t have to wear one earbud in and leave the other dangling in your way. Our new Series 600 uses the same magnet free technology in and Over The Ear Headphone. Superior sound, separate separate from your surroundings and enjoy with magnet free speakers.

Our Series 201 iheadbones are wired, lightweight, foldable, have magnet free amplified stereo speakers, virtually no “sound leakage”, solid high and low tones, up to 12+ hours of continuous play, and include a pair of (optional use) Velcro® strips.

Our Series 600 iheadbones are wired, magnet free amplified stereo speakers embedded in Over the Ear Headsets, solid high and low tones, up to 12+ hours of continuous play, available in Red and Yellow. We are offering the bright colors so these will not be accidentally confused with traditional headphones which do include magnets.

Maximum headphone comfort, compatibility and portability

iheadbones are compatible with any Apple Watch®, iPhone® or other smartphone, MP3 player, iPod®, portable radio, gaming system, and more. If it has an audio jack, iheadbones Series 201 and Series 600 will work with it seamlessly. See compatible devices. These can also be used with Bluetooth attachment units to turn them into Bluetooth compatible receivers. (inquire about details) They’re engineer-designed, superior built and backed by our 1 year warranty, so you can be sure they’re built to last and will sound great. With 12+ hours of battery life, you’ll have plenty of power for a full day of listening without stopping to recharge. iheadbones’ Series 201 and Series 600 amplified output and wider frequency range 20Hz ~ 12kHz give your music and audio greater volume and more depth.

iheadbones 201 and 600 Series wired magnet free

Speaker type: Ceramic Piezo Acoustic Device (WITHOUT MAGNETS)
Amplifier Type: Class D NJU 8764
Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 12kHz
Sensitivity: 100 ± 3dB
Battery: rechargeable lithium ion
Continuous play: up to 12 hours
Standby time: up to 10 days
Charge in: 2 hours
Headset weight: 1.7 oz (43g)
Warranty: one year

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only iheadbones Series 201 and Series 600 are magnet free. iheadbones Series F3 and 501 and Cyclist Series 949 Bluetooth are NOT magnet free. Compare iheadbones products.