iheadbones are the cool, futuristic earbud and headphone alternative

To listen. To connect. To tune in. When you try iheadbones, you’ll experience your favorite audio devices in a whole new way. iheadbones are the smartly designed cool earbud alternative. iheadbones are bone conduction headsets that work with any standard electronic listening device – any smart phone, tablet, Apple Watch®, Garmin®, PC, or game system via wireless Bluetooth (Series F3 and 501 and Cyclist 949) or through a standard 3.5 mm audio jack (magnet free, wired Series 201). Find out more about iheadbones.

Your headset for music, gaming, recreational sports and much more

Play games and still be able to hear someone calling you. Raise the volume as loud as you want without having others asking you to turn it down. Hear your friends, spouse, partner or family members, be alerted to calls or text, hear a passing car or an emergency vehicle. iheadbones headsets are compatible with all devices that are either Bluetooth ready, Bluetooth adaptable or have an audio jack including all generations of:

    • iPhone® and all smart phones
    • Apple Watch®
    • Garmin®
    • All gaming systems: Nintendo®, PlayStation®, Xbox®, Wii®, DS Game Boy®
    • All laptops and computers, Mac OS®, Windows® or other
    • All tablets, e-book readers, iPods®
    • MP3 players
    • Televisions and home theater systems
    • Stereo systems, portable radios, car stereos
    • More
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If you have a device not listed here and you are wondering if it will work with iheadbones, see our FAQ page, or contact us. Chances are iheadbones Cyclist 949, Series F3 and 501 or Series 201 will work for you!