Earbud, headphone replacement keeps your ears uncovered and you engaged

iheadbones headsets use a centuries old science known as bone conduction. It’s sound that is conducted, or transmitted, through your head bones directly into your inner ear, bypassing your ear drums. With iheadbones bone conduction headsets, the headphones themselves perform the function of your ear drum – decoding sound waves and converting them into mechanical vibrations that can then be received by your inner ear and sent to your brain via the auditory nerve. Wear our Bluetooth iheadbones with any Bluetooth ready device, or our wired magnet free iheadbones with any device that has an audio jack. Click here for product specifications.

Bone conduction sound is a safe and effective process that allows you to hear sounds more clearly, without covering your ears allowing you to still hear what is happening around you. iheadbones rest on your temples, not  over your ears, so your ears remain open to take in the sounds around you, keeping you safe and connected. Who uses iheadbones? People who don’t want to wear ear buds or traditional headphones that cover their ears – cyclists, runners and walkers, skiers and snowboarders, teens, gamers, commuters, professionals, and workers protected by OSHA. People who want to tune into the audio they want, yet be safe and aware of their surroundings.

Magnet free headphones, non magnetic, safe earbud alternative

Our iheadbones Series 201 is wired, magnet free and a budget-friendly alternative to our Series G18 or 501 Bluetooth headphones, with many of the same features and the added benefit of being non magnetic. People who cannot have magnets on or around their head wear our magnet free headphones with confidence. Click here for product specifications.

The best headphones for hearing aid and protective hearing device wearers

If you are hearing impaired or if you wear protective hearing devices, you too can wear iheadbones. With iheadbones you can wear your hearing aid, protective hearing device, protective headgear or your helmet along with your iheadbones headphones. Listen to audio you control – smart phone calls, text, podcast, radio, television, audio books, Apple Watch@, GPS, and more, while at the same time hearing ambient room, workplace or outdoor sound. Find out more about iheadbones.