Your iheadbones Series 201 acoustic devices are powered by an amplifier, it is important to
have this amplifier fully charged before you use your iheadbones.

• Charge the amplifier by connecting the USB cable supplied to any USB port on
your computer or to an AC adaptor accessory. The LED light on the amplifier will be
green while it is charging, unlit when charging is complete.
•When not using your iheadbones, keep the switch on the amplifier in the OFF
position to conserve battery life. The amplifier will typically provide 10+ hours of
use on a single charge.
• Plug one end of the audio cable into the amplifier port marked INPUT and the
other end into your audio device. SEE ILLUSTRATION (A).
• Connect your iheadbones into the amplifier port marked HEADSET.
• Slide the amplifier switch to ON, turn on your audio device, and enjoy! iheadbones
will use its conduction technology, delivering sound to whomever – or whatever
solid surface – it comes in contact with.
• For best results, press the iheadbones to the bones of your head, either in front of
or behind your ears near your frontal lobes – which are approximately at the level
of, or just above your eyes. Try different positions, some positions may offer better
comfort or conductivity and therefore better sound.

iheadbones Components and TWO Assembly Options

The kit includes a headset for wearing your iheadbones. Peel the cover off the soft
foam that is attached to the acoustic devices and attach the devices directly to the
flat pieces on the headset, SEE ILLUSTRATION (B).

Your kit also includes three Velcro® strips for wearing your iheadbones in helmets,
hats, and other applications where you prefer not to use the headset. For use with
bike helmets, we suggest adhering the acoustic devices in the helmet near your
frontal lobe or behind your ears (1), or attach them to the helmet straps that run
behind your ears (2). Use Velcro® to attach the amplifier to the back strap of the
helmet. Experiment with different places on your head to maximize your sound