Reviews about iheadbones bone conduction (anti earbud!) headsets

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… “I love the Series 501 Bluetooth headset and use it everyday at work.” – Kevin B. New Hampshire May 2018

… “Been using for over a year – works great and no wires.” Al P. – Pennsylvania May 2018

… “I love your product. I use it everyday at work.” Rene P. – Nebraska Jan 2018

… “I bought a wired headset for myself and Cyclist headsets for my sons which they love. They are using them for biking and skiing.” Al D. – Maryland Dec 2017

… “If you’re listening to podcasts, speeches, talk radio, etc. I feel that the main point of the iheadbones is for those people who would like to listen to their podcasts, etc. while still being able to tune into their surroundings. Examples include office workers, walkers, students, and even people at home with kids.” Khalid J Hosein, Gizmos for Geeks

… “Non-magnetic alternative to a standard headset. May be a valuable tool for individuals with shunts and those users that need acoustic shielding without blocking out all ambient noise for safety.” iheadbones earbud alternative are safe headphones – your earbud replacementPosted on by NCATP

… “Still, there really are some safer alternatives when it comes to kids’ headphones and sound products. Consider this; one in five kids will have some degree of noise induced hearing loss by the time they are teens.  MP3 players, loud video games, and other noisy entertainments are all culprits. Delicate ear structures conduct sound, of course, but hard, sturdy bone also does a great job. Luckily, the best bone in your body, your skull, is handy! These high tech headphones bypass the ear canal entirely without affecting sound quality.  iheadbones is compatible with all devices that have an audio jack. If you order online, use the event code “DOUGLAS” for free shipping.” Parenting PhD Douglas County Parenting Coalition

… “Looks like just another set of headphones to play music through, or is it? iheadbones is an alternate way to listen through music, through the bones in your head.” Fresh Apps

… “I’ve been using the headphones. It paired up with my phone- no problem. With my bad left ear they are great. Music actually comes that side. I forgot what stereo was. You should try marketing them thru hearing aid stores or ENT organization. Anyone with similar hearing problem that likes to listen to music would enjoy them.” Russ M. – Florida – Dec 24, 2014

… “I’m using it under my ski helmet in Park City. I’m not shouting on the chairlift when I talk to friends as I do when I have earbuds in, nor is my music annoying everyone as it does when I use the helmet speakers. Easy to take a phone call, easy to connect, and no wires.” Lauren NYC Jan 2, 2015

… “March 30 2015 – We sponsored the film “Still Alice” at Park City Film Series this past weekend and had lots of questions about the Bluetooth headset and televisions. YES – you can use our headset with a television that is Bluetooth enabled, or we recommend using the TaoTronics TT-BA01 Bluetooth transmitter available on Amazon for about $30. This device plugs into the television audio jack and will transmit the audio via Bluetooth to our headset. A great way to enjoy watching while not blasting the volume and annoying everyone in the house.