The perfect headset for competitive cycling and recreational cyclist

Ride, roll, compete, cruise. A street, hill, path, sidewalk or trail. Be free, stay safe. iHeadBones are the ultimate cycling earbud alternative that let you ride to the tune of your favorite backdrop while still staying atune of other riders, pedestrians, traffic, and the world around you. iHeadBones are safe bone conduction headsets for riding enthusiasts, professional riders, messengers, casual riders and families. Listen to your music, obey the law, hear the traffic – or the birds – with your ears uncovered and your mind alert. With iHeadBones headphones you can ride with your choice of audio, Apple Watch® and any smart phone and hear and communicate with other cyclists and stay safe in traffic! And iHeadBones are slim enough to fit comfortably around your head and under your bike helmet.

iHeadBones were designed to leave both ears uncovered. You don’t have to wear one earbud in and leave the other dangling in your way. With iHeadBones, you will hear stereo sound through both ears and hear what is going on around you. Easy to use iHeadBones loop over your ear, resting near your temples. Using bone conduction they transmit sound through your head bones directly into your inner ear. In addition to guarding against hear loss often connected with earbuds or over the ear headphone use, you have the benefit of hearing it all – your audio and the world around you. Once you try iHeadBones you may never wear your old headphones or painful, isolating earbuds again.

Series 501 iHeadBones are Bluetooth (wireless) and state-of-the-art, with virtually no “sound leakage”, a microphone, smooth music to phone transitioning and up to 6+ hours of charge-free continuous play! Our Series 201 iHeadBones are wired, magnet free and amplified with up to 12+ hours of charge free continuous play and include a pair of Velcro® strips that easily attach your iHeadBones to your bike helmet straps. Compare iHeadBones products.

Maximum headphone comfort, compatibility and portability

Both iHeadBones Series 201 and 501 are lightweight and easily adaptable for wearing under your helmet, making them the perfect headphones for cyclists. The innovative design wraps around your ear, resting securely to your temple area, leaving your ears open – allowing you to hear what’s going on outside of your audio feed. iHeadBones are compatible with any Apple Watch®, iPod®, iPhone® or other smartphone, gaming system, MP3 player, iPod®, portable radio and more. If it has an audio jack or is Bluetooth ready, iHeadBones will work with it seamlessly. See compatible devices. They’re engineer-designed, superior built and backed by our 1 year warranty, so you can be sure they’ll stand up to your active lifestyle.

Hours of superior stereo sound quality without stopping to recharge

With 12+ hours of battery life (Series 201), and 6+ hours (Series 501), you’ll have plenty of power for a full day of cycling without stopping to recharge. iHeadBones’ amplified output (Series 201) and wider frequency range 20Hz ~ 12kHz give your music and audio greater volume and more depth. Compare iHeadBones products.