Instructions for iHeadBones bluetooth headset ihb series 501


How to wear iHeadBones bluetooth headset ihb series 501

The speaker should be worn in front of the ear, high on the cheekbone NOT covering or on the ear


How to connect to bluetooth device

  • Switch the headset power ON
  • Blue LED on headset will flash quickly while connecting
  • Find the Bluetooth Connect screen on your device
  • Connect to iHeadBones


  • Blue LED will flash slowly when connected
  • It will announce “Connected” when the Bluetooth is connected to your device
  • Range for Bluetooth is 10 Meters (or 33 Feet)
  • If headset does not connect turn headset off and on and it will try to connect again

Charging your headset


  • Headset is charged with USB cable and USB Power Cube enclosed
  • USB cable can also be connected to any USB port for charging but it may take longer
  • When charging Red LED will be on – when charging is complete Blue LED will come on
  • Full charge will take approx 2 hours
  • Do not use headset while charging

Using button controls


Button Control

Audible Tone

Power On

Power Switch

“Power On”

Power Off

Power Switch

“Power Off”

Low Battery

Red LED Blinking

“Low Battery”

Bluetooth Connected

Blue LED Slow Blink


Incoming Call


Ring Tone

Answer Call

Call Button on Left Earpiece

Beep Tone

Reject Call

Press and Hold Call Button While Ringing

Beep Tone

Transfer Call to Mobile Phone

Press and Hold Call Button

Beep Tone

End Call

Press Call Button

Beep Tone

Play / Pause Music

Press Music Button on Earpiece

Music Stops / Starts

Previous or Next Song

Press and Hold Volume + or -

Music Stops / Starts

LED indicator

Flashing Red – low power

  • Solid Red – charging
  • Quick Flashing Blue – bluetooth pairing
  • Slow Flashing Blue – bluetooth connected
  • Blue Flashing Very Quickly – incoming call

See specifications