Replace your headphones, headsets and earbuds with safe iHeadBones open ear technology

Only iHeadBones headphones Series 501 wireless Bluetooth, and Series 201 wired and non magnetic, offer you rich stereo sound and an all-encompassing listening experience. Our bone conduction headsets rest on your temples, above your ears, not over your ears – they’re an exciting new, safe way to enjoy your music and more. Hear your GPS instructions, take phone calls, be a mega gamer, stay safe on the job site, use your smart phone and Apple Watch® functions and remain aware and tuned in to the world around you. Feel safe, empowered and hands free! Be involved in a conversation, hear traffic or sirens and generally stay alert and safe while also eliminating the threat of hearing loss associated with earbuds and traditional headphones that cover the ears. iHeadBones Series 501 are compatible with all Bluetooth ready and Bluetooth adaptable devices, iHeadBones Series 201 are compatible with any 3.5 mm audio jack ready device.

Enjoy unbelievable acoustics without the pain and damage caused by earbuds

With a battery life of 6+ hours (Bluetooth Series 501), and 10+ hours (wired, magnet free Series 201), iHeadBones is the perfect headset to use for a full day of work or recreation. Recharge using any computer or wall outlet using the included micro (Bluetooth) or mini (magnet free, wired) USB charging cable and (for wall outlet), included charging cube.

iHeadBones Bluetooth Series 501 Highlights:

Lightweight headset, microphone to answer and make phone calls, smooth transitioning, an easy to use Bluetooth connection, a sleek clean design and virtually no sound leakage, solid high and low tones, stereo sound and 6+ hours of charge-free battery life. Click here for Series 501 product specifications.

iHeadBones wired Series 201 Highlights:

Lightweight, foldable headset, magnet free, amplified stereo sound, virtually no sound leakage, solid high and low tones, stereo sound and 12+ hours of charge-free battery life. Click here for Series 201 product specifications.

iHeadBones offer louder volumes and a wider frequency than the competition. Our sound and construction is superior. It’s that simple. iHeadbones headsets are perfect for anyone who enjoys listening to music, audio books, GPS instructions, and other media and wants to also be aware of the world around them, including:

Cyclists: Legally and safely listen to music or directions while bicycling for recreation, competition or your job.

Runners and Walkers: Hear instructions, friends, traffic and be compliant for marathons and considerate to walking partners.

Skiers and Snowboarders: Hold a conversation and listen to your music, get weather reports and accept incoming text or calls.

Teens and Gamers: Listen to your music – even loudly – while on the bus, on your favorite gaming system or just  hanging out with your family or friends. You don’t have to worry about damaging your hearing or disrupting others with iHeadBones.

Professionals: Do training at your desk, listen to music without disturbing others and still be connected to office happenings and conversations.

Construction or Factory Workers (OSHA safe) Safely work on construction sites or perform other tasks with OSHA friendly earplugs in place while listening to music.

Magnet Free Listeners: Wired and safely magnet free, you can listen to music, audio books, and connect to any electronic device with an audio jack – the possibilities are almost endless!

These are just a handful of the audiences that have purchased iHeadBones. Anyone wearing a headset for communication at their job, anyone concerned with protecting themselves from hearing loss, people with hearing loss who wear hearing aids, and people that need the TV so loud that it annoys everyone else in the house also enjoy iHeadBones. Read iHeadBones reviews.